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Strategy Workshops

Social Media Strategy Workshops in Cape Town. Aimed at those new to social media and online marketing, with an easy 8-point strategy.

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LinkedIn Workshops

LinkedIn Workshops in Cape Town. Everyone in business should have a professional profile, but LinkedIn is so much more than that...

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Twitter Workshops

Twitter Workshops in Cape Town. For you if you want to learn how to set up your Twitter account, how to tweet and be tweeted, twittiquette, twools and more!

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Social Media

Assistance and support on your Social Media Strategy, campaign and online presence.  At your own pace and focused on your business.

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Everyone says you “have to be on LinkedIn”, you get invitations from people you have never met and probably never will, and you don’t understand what you have to do on LinkedIn once you have completed the sign-up form! You’re not alone! A lot of professional people have a LinkedIn profile but few know the secrets of making it work for them.


Tip: Start with an up-to-date, complete and professional profile.

Spend time on your profile – it’s so much more than a CV or a Facebook profile. Find out how to make the most of your profile, by asking an expert or you can research leaders in your industry to get tips.

Your LinkedIn profile will usually be the first result in a Google Search for your name. It’s what your professional and business peers, colleagues, clients, industry experts and potential clients/employees/employers will know about you, so make it count!


time is moneyWhen I first met Joanne* and she heard what I did for a living, her first words were: "I'd love to learn how to use social media for my business, but where must I find time for it in my schedule?".  Largely due to popular belief and some stories about addiction in the media, many now believe that social media takes too much of your time to get involved in it at all.  While I certainly agree that it's very concerning watching someone stare at their computer or phone screens all hours of the day or night, furiously trying to stay up to date on everyone's social lives, this thankfully does not need to be the focus of your social media exposure as a business owner or entrepreneur.

First, you have to figure out what you want from social media, what your message is, who you want to reach, which tools to use for it, etc. (see Social Media Strategy workshop)  Once you are more focused in your approach,

Most people think social media is another way of shouting to your potential customers about how good your product/service is and what the benefits are for them – similar to writing content for an advert or brochure.  This will get them nowhere on social networks and often damages their online reputation, doing more harm than good.  It’s more about listening, assisting and giving information, but without the decision makers in a business understanding content and behavior on social networks this will be very hard to achieve.

Why is it not working?

Many entrepreneurs get started on social media because they think it’s the right thing to do for their businesses, or that everyone else is doing it and it seems to work for those. When, after a while it doesn’t bring new business, they say “Social Media? I’ve tried that!  It doesn’t work. It just wasted my time.”  They are right of course.  When you don’t know what you are trying to do, why you are doing it and how to measure success, nothing is going to work! Read more...

I am often asked why a profile on LinkedIn is so important if you are not looking for a job or trying to impress your boss? 

While it's probably important in those circumstances too, you will find that every savvy business person who have a scheduled meeting with you would have looked at your LinkedIn profile before the meeting!  Or when you send an email to someone, or give them a business card...

LinkedInI know of a prominent procurement officer in Cape Town who receives an email from his PA with links to profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any other interesting bits she found about a person before he meets with them.  This is common practice for any professional these days, so you will find that even your children's teachers would be "googling" the parents or other family members to find out more about them.